A Picnic is Always a Good Idea!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE  picnics! Even just taking a blanket out to your backyard to enjoy some light snacks already feel so special and relaxing. What more if we spend with loved ones and good company  and enjoy the surrounding nature. Heck, you can even have one indoor even if it pours. There’re no set rules on having simple, delicious food and a fun time. On a whim, we decided to pack a basket and style a picnic set up (yes as Stylists we’re all about the pretty).

We were so blessed to have Joshua from Inlight Photos join us (read: bribed him with nasi lemak) and what lovely photos he took! Thanks buddy!!!




Most avoid having picnics due to the high humidity and unpredictable weather but if you plan well who says you can’t have a pleasant  and fun time. Try organising an early morning picnic  where you can enjoy yummy local breakfast goodies in the cool morning and if you feel it’s going to be warm, sit under a huge tree at the park to ensure the breezy shade.





When a British drama comes on with lavish picnic scenes, we wished could be there with them  Yes, yes….Downton Abbey is a “bad” influence but don’t you just love it! 🙂





As always, us being US! 🙂


It’s My Party & I’ll Cry if I Want To

So what do you do when one owns another property and your tenant just moved out with all their furniture in tow? Throw a happening milestone birthday party for your beloved spouse of course!

When we first stood in front of the house with the alluring hot pink wall and lovely vertical garden, we were intrigued as to how the interior would look like.


We surely was not disappointed. The semi-industrial inspired architecture was quite cosy and we were totally I.N L.O.V.E at how much natural light the place had. Thumbs up!


Birthday boy was turning 50 and his wife decided that a 80s party was the perfect fun theme where guests could dress up and not to mention the totally rad music back then!!! *cues Duran Duran song* She didn’t want something over the top but elegant enough for their friends to mingle,  chill, have good food and importantly be merry.



We were a little sad to have glued the cassettes together for décor but doesn’t it look retro. The only consolation is that most tapes were spoilt anyways.




Hello Lionel! Who doesn’t love him back then. 🙂


We decided to call this semi mannequin Sabrina! She’s a cross between Madonna and a very colourful Cyndi Lauper! Agnes was quite reluctant to let her go at the end of the party!

New folder2Party animals! hehe!


And what’s a milestone birthday without embarrassing  ‘growing up’ photos eh?

Happy Birthday Pete! Your wife rocks for letting us plan this soiree for you!

When in doubt, Vacation!

Two city girls decided on a whim to pack their bags and drive somewhere to recharge away from the hustle bustle of life. Provence would have been ideal but unfortunately due to our hectic schedules & lack of mulla we settled for a quick break nearby. 🙂 The criteria was it had to be not too far from KL (Kuala Lumpur), is quiet, and has fresh air and spa facilities would be an awesome bonus. After reading good reviews on some blogs, we decided on The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort. The name itself sounds like we’re going on some sort of detox retreat and honestly we felt a little apprehensive  thinking it might be one of those snooty places.

The Chateau is ALL about their awesome staff and their top-notch customer service. Regardless you’re staying at the standard rooms or the suites, their service and genuine smiles are consistently the same from the friendly waves of the guards when we arrived at the front gates to even the pool caretakers who efficiently lay fresh towels at the lounge chairs before you can say “Excusez-Moi“. We were always pleasantly greeted in French around the hotel and asked if we needed anything. There was a time we were zoning out in our room with our own thoughts, that one of the service staff politely knocked on our door and ask if  we would like anything. I casually said to Agnes after they left that maybe they were worried we fainted or were too quiet considering the noisy check-in we displayed when we arrived (read: Sherly laughing loudly till the cows come home} 😛




The drive up to Bukit Tinggi was a stress-free 45 minutes on a weekday and when we first caught a glimpse of the French inspired castle on the hills, we got a teeny weenie bit excited. I’ve visited quite a fair bit of European castles and you would think I would have behaved better considering it’s just a hotel. Unlike Colmar Tropicale which was just beside it, The Chateau had a quieter, relaxing ambience without being pretentious. (no children below 12 years old were allowed on the premise). The concierge whisk our bags and car away  whilst the warm guest service representative named Oksana guided us to a cosy lounge for check-in and also where our refreshing drink awaits.




Oksana gave us a brief  tour of the facilities at the hotel. Half the time, we got distracted by everything we saw that at one point we noticed they planted lots of rosemaries everywhere in the compound so much so Agnes had to stop and pose with them. I just kept feeling hungry due to the oh so yummy scent. (reminded me of Provence)


We were then escorted to our room with the pool view as requested. It was not a large room but cosy enough for two person; end of the day you’re NOT planning to have a party in there right? 🙂 I can vouch we were on that comfy bed all the time and it was hard to get out of it once your head hit those luxurious soft pillows. Agnes squealed when she saw the organic coffee (plus points in her book) and I tried the Gryphon tea for the first time. You can safely say we kept calling housekeeping to send up more of these goodies throughout our stay.


OK I shall stop rambling and let some of the photos do the talking.





Did I mention I was always hungry when I passed those rosemaries? 🙂 Hence, we decided to try out the high tea at their Belle Vue Tea House. When the tiered tray arrived I was  thinking that looks a little small but honestly, it was more than enough. We couldn’t even finish all of it. We savoured the delectable treats and enjoyed staring at the greenery surroundings with the melodious birds chirping in the background. How can we NOT love this lovely view? All is missing is a pen and notepad or some retro typewriter so we can write our bestseller. hahah! Being melodramatic.


Even after the slight drizzle, the place still looks pretty. In fact it was quite calming watching the rain which is something we don’t do often back home. Most times we will complain that there will be a jam after or it’s an annoying inconvenience.


Agnes went to enjoy the salt pool whilst I booked myself for a seaweed hot stone massage. The spa had a European feel (but not clinical) which was a nice change unlike the usual Oriental or  Balinese ambience we usually get with spas in Asia. I must say the whole spa experience was excellent. The massage beds were heated and it was the first time I did a hot stone massage that had seaweed in the whole ritual. Usually seaweed has a very strong plankton kind of smell if you have done a seaweed mud bath before, but surprisingly this treatment was different and I was kind of hooked with the scent. The organic products they used are from Ireland called Voya and when we found that the toiletries in our room bathroom were of the same brand, we went crazy using them. Housekeeping was kind enough to send us more and of course we took some home. 😛



The lovely salt water pool at The Chateau. As we went during off peak season, we practically had the entire pool to ourselves. It felt so private with the odd couple and guest that walked by.


No photos of our dinner at the All Day Dining, La Vie as we were busy getting acquainted with one of the guests from Saudi. After all it’s considered rude to snap photos of food whilst we’re chatting (though I was dying to do the typical Asian thing). So instead, here’re some pics of breakfast. It was a buffet spread but made to order so you basically just need to plonk your tush down and they will bring whatever you want from the menu. What more can we say? We were so relaxed and woke up late, that we were the only two that came down for breakfast in Pee Jays. Nobody bat an eyelid so I guess it’s appropriate or they are just being polite hahahha!



Generally, the weather was sunny but cooling (humidity level was not bad like in KL). There were slight showers, but was welcomed as it gave us time to enjoy snoozing or reading a book in bed. If you like to be away in a  quiet retreat, do give The Chateau a try, especially the extensive spa treatements. You can even just spend a spa day there and not stay over, but honestly after the relaxing massage you will be too lazy to drive back down. Trust me. 🙂 I can safely say I will be back again very soon.

Thanks again to The Chateau team for making our short trip memorable & fussing over us. à bientôt!

The Chateau

KM 48 Persimpangan Bertingkat LebuhrayaKarak,
28750 Bukit Tinggi Pahang, Malaysia

Joyeux Cafe

A few months back, we decided to drive to Penang for a personal stuffing face session food hunt (read: de-stress) & realised that there were so many artsy & awesome cafes sprouting around Georgetown. We chanced upon Joyeux Café whilst exploring in no particular direction and we loved how minimalist,  non-pretentious & quiet the place was. They had this lovely space upstairs where a swath of natural sunlight swept across the room and we decided on a whim to style the space to see how potentially it could look with some floral enhancements



There’s just something about exposed brick walls and hanging light bulbs that reminds us of some sort of  loft in Brooklyn, New York don’t you think?




 Of course, we had to try their coffee (or rather Agnes did as I have a ridiculous low tolerance for caffeine) and their “Oh-so-yummy” churros!! Definitely, worth a visit for coffee lovers who wants to escape from the hustle bustle of life!

Joyeux Café

79 Jalan Nagore, Penang


Thank you Joyeux for welcoming 2 noisy KL-ites to your cosy place & letting us do whatever we wanted! 🙂 xxx