A Picnic is Always a Good Idea!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE  picnics! Even just taking a blanket out to your backyard to enjoy some light snacks already feel so special and relaxing. What more if we spend with loved ones and good company  and enjoy the surrounding nature. Heck, you can even have one indoor even if it pours. There’re no set rules on having simple, delicious food and a fun time. On a whim, we decided to pack a basket and style a picnic set up (yes as Stylists we’re all about the pretty).

We were so blessed to have Joshua from Inlight Photos join us (read: bribed him with nasi lemak) and what lovely photos he took! Thanks buddy!!!




Most avoid having picnics due to the high humidity and unpredictable weather but if you plan well who says you can’t have a pleasant  and fun time. Try organising an early morning picnic  where you can enjoy yummy local breakfast goodies in the cool morning and if you feel it’s going to be warm, sit under a huge tree at the park to ensure the breezy shade.





When a British drama comes on with lavish picnic scenes, we wished could be there with them  Yes, yes….Downton Abbey is a “bad” influence but don’t you just love it! 🙂





As always, us being US! 🙂


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