It’s My Party & I’ll Cry if I Want To

So what do you do when one owns another property and your tenant just moved out with all their furniture in tow? Throw a happening milestone birthday party for your beloved spouse of course!

When we first stood in front of the house with the alluring hot pink wall and lovely vertical garden, we were intrigued as to how the interior would look like.


We surely was not disappointed. The semi-industrial inspired architecture was quite cosy and we were totally I.N L.O.V.E at how much natural light the place had. Thumbs up!


Birthday boy was turning 50 and his wife decided that a 80s party was the perfect fun theme where guests could dress up and not to mention the totally rad music back then!!! *cues Duran Duran song* She didn’t want something over the top but elegant enough for their friends to mingle,  chill, have good food and importantly be merry.



We were a little sad to have glued the cassettes together for décor but doesn’t it look retro. The only consolation is that most tapes were spoilt anyways.




Hello Lionel! Who doesn’t love him back then. 🙂


We decided to call this semi mannequin Sabrina! She’s a cross between Madonna and a very colourful Cyndi Lauper! Agnes was quite reluctant to let her go at the end of the party!

New folder2Party animals! hehe!


And what’s a milestone birthday without embarrassing  ‘growing up’ photos eh?

Happy Birthday Pete! Your wife rocks for letting us plan this soiree for you!

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