Joyeux Cafe

A few months back, we decided to drive to Penang for a personal stuffing face session food hunt (read: de-stress) & realised that there were so many artsy & awesome cafes sprouting around Georgetown. We chanced upon Joyeux Café whilst exploring in no particular direction and we loved how minimalist,  non-pretentious & quiet the place was. They had this lovely space upstairs where a swath of natural sunlight swept across the room and we decided on a whim to style the space to see how potentially it could look with some floral enhancements



There’s just something about exposed brick walls and hanging light bulbs that reminds us of some sort of  loft in Brooklyn, New York don’t you think?




 Of course, we had to try their coffee (or rather Agnes did as I have a ridiculous low tolerance for caffeine) and their “Oh-so-yummy” churros!! Definitely, worth a visit for coffee lovers who wants to escape from the hustle bustle of life!

Joyeux Café

79 Jalan Nagore, Penang


Thank you Joyeux for welcoming 2 noisy KL-ites to your cosy place & letting us do whatever we wanted! 🙂 xxx



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