Hello Lovelies!

So why vanilla n lace?

Vanilla has the reputation of being simple and somewhat boring to some yet it still has yummy and comforting qualities. We see lace as the finer things in life and how it can transform any old thing into something gorgeous. Sounds too deep? Well, the easier explanation will be that we love the pairing of how these two words sounded. Not to be confused with anything related to Fifty Shades of Grey though. 😛 *just kidding*

Sherly & Agnes didn’t start of as life long friends but are two soul mates from the wedding industry who wanted to greatly inspire anyone (who’s interested) in enriching their lives with simple joys of creativity. We wanted a fun and inspirational content space demonstrating that “everyday” life can be beautifully amazing! So wish us luck that we’re able to do just that!

Love & Light Lovelies! 🙂


Lover of vintage things, book junkie, hot choc freak , vintage hoarder, sucker for pretty packaging, crazy about mint green (practically everything she owns is in that colour), any songs from the 80s gets her up & dancing all the time!DSCF7933AGNES

A wanderluster who is obsessed with coffee (easily a couple of cups a day), dog mama to her beautiful furkids Jojo and Vespa,  ukulele player wannabe, a real foodie by day and a domestic goddess in the kitchen by night